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  1. Egenskaper. Osmium er et blåhvitt, sprøtt og skinnende transisjonsmetall, og har med sine 22 610 kg/m³ den høyeste tettheten av de naturlig forekommende grunnstoffene. Ved temperaturer under 0,66 K blir osmium superledende.Osmium regnes som edelmetall og er dermed relativt lite reaktivt (reaksjonsvillig). Det reagerer bare med ikke-metallene fluor, klor og oksygen
  2. Osmium. Osmium is a user-friendly fitting tool for the EVE Online game. Osmium is released under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. You can see the full license text in the COPYING file. Contact. artefact2@gmail.com; #osmium on irc.coldfront.net; Credits. For the full list of Osmium contributors, see the CREDITS file
  3. I was using osmium yesterday and now when I go to the website it just says that it is no longer and gives a link to a data dump. Anyone have any
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Greetings to the EVE community, I would like to present my project, a browser-based fitter named Osmium. Just like Pyfa, or EFT, you can create fits and everything, except it's done in a browser. So, for example, you can play with it from work, or from a tablet/mobile device and have all your loadouts there Osmium. Osmium is a user-friendly fitting tool for the EVE Online game. Osmium is released under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. You can see the full license text in the COPYING file. Contact [email protected] #osmium on irc.coldfront.net; Credits. For the full list of Osmium contributors, see the CREDITS file Eve Online - Osmium Fitting Tool - Tutorial onemangrove. Loading... Unsubscribe from onemangrove? Cancel Unsubscribe. EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides 11,384 views

Moon Moon Product Quantity Ore TypeID SolarSystemID PlanetID MoonID Mesybier II - Moon 1 Glossy Scordite 0.300030559301 46687 30004975 40315069 40315070 Immaculate Jaspet 0.328855156898 46682 30004975 40315069 40315070 Pellucid Crokite 0.287893354893 46677 30004975 40315069 40315070 Sylvite 0.083220936358 45491 30004975 40315069 40315070 Mesybier V - Moon 1 Dazzling Spodumain 0.397311687469. EVE University is a corporation in EVE Online and a member of the Ivy League Alliance. We are a neutral, non-profit training corporation in New Eden. Founded in March of 2004 by Morning Maniac, EVE University has taught over 25,000 pilots and continues to take new pilots and train them in all aspects of EVE Online

Osmium is not complete. Of course most software will never be complete, but I mention this here, because there are some glaring gaps in Osmium's functionality, missing functions that would be useful for many people and that would fit Osmium's mission as a general OSM data manging tool The Osmium Tool comes with a set of man pages containing all the details. They are available for several versions: latest (latest released version) master (development version) Download. Current and past releases can be downloaded from GitHub. Packages are available for several Linux distributions and OS/X NOTE: Osmium and Eveir are two versions of the same being, and therefor share a page! They're a mix, so they aren't different enough to warrant tabs! Black represents a shared answer. This color represents Eveir's information. This color represents Osmium's. Names: Osmium, Eveir Dragon. Ages: 33. Heights: 4'3, 5'9. Builds: Skinny, average. Lean. Osmium is, with ruthenium, the most noble of the platinum metals, and cold and hot acids are without effect on them. It can be dissolved by fused alkalies, especially if an oxidizing agent such as sodium chlorate is present. Osmium will react at 200° C with air or oxygen to form OsO 4. Osmium exhibits oxidation states from 0 to +8 in its compounds, with the exception of +1; well-characterized.

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Hi spacefriends! With the expansion EVE Online: Ascension we introduced the new Fitting Simulation, an in-game fitting tool which is integrated into the fitting window. Fitting Simulation will let you engage more easily in the fitting meta-game and will help capsuleers, young and old, learn more about the ships they are flying or want to fly and the equipment they use r/Eve: The official r/eve subreddit for the MMORPG Eve Online. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard EDIT: after doing some damage control, Osmium is up and running again. Blame /u/Karbowiak and myself for creating lots and lots of empty sessions for API calls. level 2. sausage_waffle. 12 points. Osmium (from Greek ὀσμή osme, 'smell') is a chemical element with the symbol Os and atomic number 76. It is a hard, brittle, bluish-white transition metal in the platinum group that is found as a trace element in alloys, mostly in platinum ores. Osmium is the densest naturally occurring element, with an experimentally measured (using x-ray crystallography) density of 22.59 g/cm3 Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH. Höllriegelskreuther Weg 3, 82065 Baierbrunn Germany. T: +49 89 744 88 88 88 F: +49 89 744 88 88 19 Ingo.Wolf@Osmium-Institute.com www.osmium-institute.co

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Using zkillboard.com searching for the ship you want and filtering by losses. Copy the fit the EFT and then use the copy from clipboard function in game to import the fits. Copy like 10 fits for a ship, and then review it yourself

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