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The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form who may find them. The records are a sort of time capsule Basically, this book is the story behind the creation of the record, and includes a full list of everything on the record. Murmurs of Earth, originally published in 1978, was reissued in 1992 by Warner News Media with a CD-ROM that replicates the Voyager record The Voyager Golden Record contains 116 images plus a calibration image and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, and thunder, and animal sounds, including the songs of birds, whales and dolphins. The record, which is carried on both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft, additionally features musical selections from different cultures and eras, spoken greetings in. Voyage data recorder, or VDR, is a data recording system designed for all vessels required to comply with the IMO's International Convention SOLAS Requirements (IMO Res.A.861(20)) in order to collect data from various sensors on board the vessel. It then digitizes, compresses and stores this information in an externally mounted protective storage unit Voyager 2 has returned to normal operations following the anomaly on Jan. 25, 2020. The five operating science instruments, which were turned off by the spacecraft's fault protection routine, are back on and returning normal science data

The records are mounted on the outside of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and protected by an aluminum case. Etched on the cover of that case are symbols explaining how to decode the record In the 1970's astronomers Carl Sagan and Frank Drake already had some experience with sending messages out into space. They had created two gold-anodized alu.. Voyager 1 er en 721,9 kg tung, ubemannet, amerikansk romsonde i Voyagerprogrammet som ble skutt opp 5. september 1977 sendt for å utforske de ytre delene av solsystemet og videre. Romsonden har passert både Jupiter og Saturn, og var den første romsonden med detaljerte bilder av disse to planetene.. Voyager 1 hadde planetene Jupiter og Saturn, samt deres samling av måner og ringer, som sine. When Voyager 1 is unable to communicate directly with the Earth, its digital tape recorder (DTR) can record about 67 megabytes of data for transmission at another time. Signals from Voyager 1 take over 20 hours to reach Earth. Power. Voyager 1 has three radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) mounted on a boom

The Voyager 1 mission. INFORMATION ON THE AUDIO FILES: The audio files 494-AAB and 495-AAB are parts one and two of the Golden Record, flown aboard the V.. VOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, on a grand tour of the solar system and into the mysteries of interstellar space. Attached to each of these probes is a beautiful golden record containing a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence that might encounter it, perhaps billi Some of the sounds that were encoded on the Voyager Golden Record which recently left our solar system

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The Voyager spacecraft showcasing where the Golden Record is mounted. Credit: NASA/JPL The drawing in the lower left-hand corner of the cover is the pulsar map previously sent as part of the plaques on Pioneers 10 and 11 ORDER NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE VOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD DIAGRAM PIN WITH THE BOX SET. Release notes: Three translucent gold 140 gram vinyl LPs in poly-lined paper sleeves Three heavyweight jackets, gold ink on black Full-color 96-page softcover book containing all images included on the original Voyager Interstellar Record

Second pressing. • Three translucent gold 140 gram vinyl LPs in poly-lined paper sleeves • Three heavyweight jackets, gold ink on black • Full-color 96-page softcover book containing all images included on the original Voyager Interstellar Record, gallery of images transmitted back from the Voyager probes, and a new essay by Timothy Ferris, producer of the original golden record <a href=http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash>Download flash plugin</a> Ozma Records is raising funds for Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition on Kickstarter! Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played Murmurs of Earth - these recordings are floating out in space on the Voyager I & 2 Satellites. Thanks to giulianobevisangue for posting most of these. Pygmy..

This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings The Voyager Golden Record: Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played De Voyager gylne Records er to grammofonplater som var inkludert ombord begge Voyager romskip lansert i 1977. Posten inneholder lyder og bilder som er valgt til å portrettere mangfoldet av liv og kultur på jorda, og er ment for enhver intelligent utenomjordisk liv skjema som kan finne dem . Postene er en slags tidskapsel.. Selv om ingen av Voyager-romfartøyene er på vei mot en bestemt. Die Voyager Golden Records sind Datenplatten mit Bild- und Audio-Informationen, die an Bord der beiden 1977 gestarteten interstellaren Raumsonden Voyager 1 und Voyager 2 angebracht sind. Die Datenplatten wurden als Botschaften an Außerirdische in der Hoffnung hergestellt, etwaige intelligente, außerirdische Lebensformen könnten dadurch von der Menschheit und ihrer Position im Universum.

«Anthony Michael Morena's The Voyager Record is its own charming exploratory device. Combining backstage stories about the creation of the Voyager spacecraft's Golden Record (a touching dream of cramming a musical and visual portrait of our planet onto a single disk) and various imagined encounters with bemused or frightened alien cultures out there, Morena reveals how best. The Voyager Golden Record is a phonograph record included in the two Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. It contains sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. It is intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or far future humans, that may find it

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Voyager Recordings & Publications is an independent recording and publishing company founded by Phil & Vivian Williams in 1967 to issue recordings, tune books, and instructional materials of traditional acoustic fiddle and string band music from the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America voyager records is an independant record label based in Cornwall, UK. We are a community of musicians who love to make music. We use audio to escape from the everyday The Voyager Golden Record Old man. The record included a range of images (like this one of an elderly Turkish man smoking) that would show how humans can vary in appearance. Nasa

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The Voyager Golden Record Finally Finds An Earthly Audience For 40 years, the record's interstellar message to extraterrestrials remained mostly unheard by human audiences — until a Kickstarter. Both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 contain the Golden Record, but Voyager 1 is on a faster course (despite being launched after Voyager 2) and is the farthest human-made object from Earth. The new LP version is a costly $98, but it does include perks like a 96-page softcover book with plenty of information about the Voyager missions The Voyager program is an American scientific program that employs two robotic spaceprobes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, launched in 1977 to take advantage of a favorable alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Although their original mission was to study only the planetary systems of Jupiter and Saturn, Voyager 2 continued on to Uranus and Neptune

Mounted on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, twin probes launched in 1977, the two copies of the record would serve as time capsules and transmit much more information about life on Earth should. Figure 1: The Voyager Record Cover. It's an iconic image, familiar to most space exploration enthusiasts, but I'd never taken the time to really study it The Voyager record is secured in plain view on the outside of the Voyager Spacecraft with a spider mounting to which is also affixed the stylus cartridge used to play the disc. The record itself is actually made of two copper mothers bonded back-to-back

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The Voyager Golden records are made of copper and plated in gold. Timothy: If I were doing the Voyager record today, I would use exactly the same technology because I can warrant that the information on that disc will last for a very long time Voyager Golden Record Greetings from Earth space travel gift Premium T-Shirt. 3.7 out of 5 stars 3. $17.99 $ 17. 99. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. 1art1 Records Poster Art Print - The Sounds of Earth, Voyager Golden Records (32 x 24 inches) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1


  1. The Voyager Golden Records are records that contain sounds and images chosen to show the life and culture on Earth. They show photographs of life on earth, including nature, cities, people and animals. They also have greetings recorded in 55 languages, songs from around the world, and non-musical sounds
  2. Release notes: Full-color 96-page hardcover book (12 x 12) containing all images included on the original Voyager Interstellar Record, gallery of images transmitted back from the Voyager probes, and new essay by Timothy Ferris, producer of the original golden record Two audio CDs containing all of the Voyager Golde
  3. Also on board was a special record, carrying voices and music from Earth out into the cosmos. Voyager 2 launched on Aug. 20, 1977, and Voyager 1 launched about two weeks later, on Sept. 5
  4. Voyager's web site has offered a few of the recordings for ages now, but NASA has now dumped all of the Golden Record's contents to SoundCloud for your listening and downloading pleasure, bar the presumably copyrighted music. Here, for example, is the Welsh greeting to the stars, Good health to you now and forever
  5. Voyager Golden Record By Ulysses' Classical. Tracklist on NASA. 28 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Brandenburg Concerto No.2 In F, BWV 1047: 1. (Allegro) Johann Sebastian Bach, Hansheinz Schneeberger, Hans-Martin Linde, Manfred Clement, Pierre Thibaud, Hedwig Bilgram, Münchener Bach-Orchester, Karl Richter • J.S.

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to - Vo

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  1. The Voyager space probes took dazzling pictures of planets no one had ever seen. And they're still on the move, carrying golden records with a message for aliens -- complete with bagpipes and Louis Armstrong
  2. The Voyager Record: A Transmission - Kindle edition by Morena, Anthony Michael. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Voyager Record: A Transmission
  3. Template:Multiple image The Voyager Golden Records are phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. They contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them. Neither Voyager spacecraft is heading toward any.

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Life What is the meaning of Life?Gold plating - WikipediaThis Is The Message We Have Sent To Aliens | IFLScience

Voyager Golden Records er to fonografiske plader der var fastgjort på de to Voyagerrumsonder, der blev opsendt i 1977.[1] Pladerne indeholder lyde og billeder, der er udvalgt til at vise diversiteten af livet og kultur på Jorden, og de er tilsigtet intelligent udenjordiskesformer, eller fremtidige mennesker, der måtte finde dem. Pladerne bliver betragtet som en slags tidskapsel The Voyager Sounds of Earth Record contains sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth that went with the Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. Selected by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan, it contained 122 images, spoken greetings in fifty-five languages, and music

More Information; Voyager Interstellar Mission-- home page . Voyager videos and images. 1. The team that assembled the Golden Record was led by Carl Sagan and included Frank Drake, Ann Druyan, Timothy Ferris, Jon Lomberg, and Linda Salzman Sagan.. 2. The book Murmurs of Earth by Sagan et al is out of print but may be found from many used booksellers online How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made. Forty years ago, we sent a message to extraterrestrials—a collection of sights and sounds of life on Earth The Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter campaign is accepting contributions until Oct. 20, and the records are expected to ship in August 2017 Stream Golden Record: Sounds of Earth, a playlist by NASA from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Golden Record: Sounds of Earth by NASA published on 2015-07-27T20:03:03Z. Contains tracks. Golden Record: Life Signs, Pulsar by NASA published on 2015-07-27T20:00:16Z. Golden.

Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and hmm, Kenny Rogers may have a lot of gold records on their walls, but the famous Golden Records traveling aboard NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 space probes are the ultimate ones. These gold-plated audio-visual discs contain photos, sounds of the Earth, music. NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a Golden Record, a collection of sites, sounds and greetings from Earth. If a new Golden Record were to be created, what one item from the past 30 years would you include

The Voyager Golden Record is a phonograph record included in the two Voyager spacecrafts launched in 1977. It contains sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. The record contains image data and etched symbols Directed by Emer Reynolds. With Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani, Lawrence Krauss. It is one of humankind's greatest achievements. More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space - the first human-made object ever to do so After long months with no way of making contact with Voyager 2, NASA has finally reestablished communications with the record-setting interstellar spacecraft. The breakdown in communications - lasting since March, almost eight months and a whole pandemic ago - wasn't due to some rogue malfunction, nor any run-in with interstellar space weirdness ( although there's that too )

Voyager has improved existing channels and introduced new ones, making sure our members have a wide range of ways to keep in touch with us and our team will work around the clock to provide you with friendly support, no matter the query Now, advances in Compact Disc technology have made it possible to enjoy that record at home. At last, everything needed to listen, view—and wonder—is here. Commemorative Edition - With a new essay by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan This specially boxed set includes » CD-ROM Data: All 116 color images included in the Voyager Record NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a golden record, a collection of sites, sounds and greetings from Earth. Image right: The golden record. Image credit: NASA/JPL Each identical golden record contains: -- 117 pictures explaining Earth

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On Voyager's 75-year journey back to Earth, the crew members encounter unknown species as they draw closer to a mysterious quadrant of space Voyager's Golden Record. NASA/JPL-Caltech . NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a golden record, a collection of sights, sounds and. An intergalactic message in a bottle, the Voyager Golden Record was launched into space late in the summer of 1977. Conceived as a sort of advance promo disc advertising planet Earth and its inhabitants, it was affixed to Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, spacecraft designed to fly to the outer reaches of the solar system and beyond, providing data and documentation of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

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Voyager's Golden Record. The Voyager record asks more of whoever finds it but gives more information in return. These phonographs, attached to the spacecraft bus, feature a cover illustration and over 90 minutes of audio on the reverse side David Pescovitz: The golden record attached to the Voyager spacecraft (launched into space 40 years ago this month) is a reminder of what humanity at its best can achieve Voyager Golden Record, project plastic lab, 7/21/77 by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 4 Voyager Golden Record production machine and fixture, 6-30-77 by NASA Jet Propulsion Laborator

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The Golden Record had been put together in the mid-1970s by a panel convened by astronomer Carl Sagan, and it held a program of sounds and music of Earth, representing to imagined aliens our planet's soundscapes, voices, and musical traditions. [1] Figure 1: The Voyager Golden Record. Side 1, on left, is the analog audio program In 1977, the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes were both flung into the vast cosmic abyss, each with a Golden Record phonograph onboard. The idea was to send a kind of message in a bottle to the. Catching up to the Voyager and reading the golden record. Reaching out to four dozen copyright holders 50 years later to obtain permission. Waiting for all the images to fall into the public domain. From what I can see, my best bet is if someone has already done 2). If so, who VOYAGER Record Chart. This chart will keep track of the achievements of multiple Pathfinders in completing their level requirements

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  1. DailyRoads Voyager is an Android dashcam app, allowing for continuous video recording from vehicles. Essentially, the application acts as a video black box, dashcam or auto DVR, recording everything, but only keeping what the user is really interested in
  2. After long months with no way of making contact with Voyager 2, NASA has finally reestablished communications with the record-setting interstellar spacecraft
  3. The twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are exploring where nothing from Earth has flown before. Continuing on their over-40-year journey since their 1977 launches, they each are much farther away from Earth and the sun than Pluto
  4. Picture 1. Voyage Recorder's track, click here to enlarge YDVR Converter software that comes with the Recorder is installed on a personal computer and allows GPX and CSV files to be generated with the vessel's track and extensive information about the sailing conditions (click on a track's point at the map above for example), including weather, depth, engine, and even tracks of nearby vessels.

The Golden Records have been sailing through space for over 40 years. They contain audio and images from Earth, but in order to decode the messages, you need a slight understanding of the universe. Voyager Records. 266 likes. Voyager Records is the music label of DJ/Producer Peter Luts !! For licensing, compilation requests & demo's : info@hitt.b Voyager 1 carries a copy of the Golden Record—a message from humanity to the cosmos that includes greetings in 55 languages, pictures of people and places on Earth and music ranging from Beethoven to Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. Nation: United States of America (USA) Objective(s) Jupiter Flyby, Saturn Flyby 1art1 Records Framed Collector Poster - The Sounds of Earth, Voyager Golden Records (16 x 12 inches) 4.0 out of 5 stars 2. $13.97. The Farthest - Voyager in Space DVD n/a. 4.7 out of 5 stars 314. DVD. $15.42. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Next > Back to top. Get to Know Us. Careers; Blog.

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  1. Voyager: Record by Black Absence, released 26 August 2016 1. OZ 2. A Grave Situation 3. I Know Places (ft. Sarah Winokur) 4. Still I 5. Hell Was Full 6. Revolution 7. Lost Soul 8. Hate and Anger 9. Insanit
  2. On Aug. 13, 2011, Voyager 2 became NASA's longest-operating mission when it broke the previous record of 12,758 days of operation set by the Pioneer 6 probe, which launched on Dec. 16, 1965, and.
  3. Voyager II was in the thick of its Grand Tour of the outer planets at the time, and frankly a new moon or some previously unknown planetary rings were far more interesting than a record. By the 1990s I was a full-bore indie kid, obsessed with music , and, more specifically, obsessed with forcing my taste on people via the medium of mixtapes
  4. The Voyager Golden Record, the object comprised of Earth's best representation of song and sound that launched into space in 1977 for extraterrestrial beings, will be reissued on vinyl in honor.

Cheol Min Park - New Jersey Record Blueline Tilefish On September 9, 2014, the highlight of this VOYAGER Tilefish trip was a GIANT BLUELINE TILEFISH caught by CHEOL MIN PARK of Parsippany, NJ. His fish weighed a whopping 23 pounds 1 ounce and measured 35.3 inches in length with a girth of 27.5 inches. Cheol was using a custom rod and Jigging Master PE7 reel with a squid as bait A Voyager probe, with the Golden Record attached. NASA/Public Domain. This kind of thing is a large part of why, just 40 years on, certain aspects of the record look ridiculous to Earthlings, too Voyager 1 has carried its record out of the solar system altogether, while Voyager 2 is on its way there. The world today is vastly different than the one they left behind. Maybe it's time for a. The Voyager golden record was more ambitious, intended to encapsulate the essence of humanity as a kind of time capsule. Each record is a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk, encased in a protective aluminum cover. Each includes a phonograph cartridge and a needle, along with instructions in symbolic language on how to play the record

Buy 'Voyager Golden Record' by radvas as a Essential T-Shirt. Features. Just your everyday smooth, comfy tee, a wardrobe staple; Slim fit, so size up if you prefer a looser fit, or check out the Classic T-Shir Voyager 1 reached interstellar space in August 2012 and is the most distant human-made object in existence. Launched just shortly after its twin spacecraft, Voyager 2, in 1977, Voyager 1 explored the Jovian and Saturnian systems discovering new moons, active volcanoes and a wealth of data about the outer solar system


  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Moody Blues - Long Distance Voyager at Discogs. Complete your The Moody Blues collection
  2. Stream Golden Record: Greetings to the Universe, a playlist by NASA from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Golden Record: Greetings to the Universe by NASA published on 2015-07-27T21:38:38Z. Contains tracks. Golden Record: Akkadian Greeting by NASA published on 2015-07-27T20:26.
  3. The record was part of an ambitious and ingenious project: teach extraterrestrials everything they need to know about humans. One of the two Voyager probes, with the Golden Record mounted on its side
  4. Recording road videos since 2009, DailyRoads Voyager works as a car blackbox, dash cam or auto DVR, continuously capturing videos and photos during your journeys. The app automatically records everything, but only important events are retained for future reference or as evidence. You get to choose what to keep, simply by touching the screen, even while you drive
  5. Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record es una adaptación para realidad virtual que repasa parte -que no todos los juegos integramente- de los tres títulos de la consola de Sega: Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei y Panzer Dragoon Saga /Azel-este último era un juego de rol-.Quedaría fuera Panzer Dragoon Orta, que llegó unos años más tarde a la primera Xbox
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A Colorado-based investment group made its first acquisition in Colorado Springs with the highest per-unit price ever for a multifamily asset in the Southern Colorado city. Mountain View Capital paid $52.6 million, or $263,000 per unit, for the 200-unit Volta at Voyager community. The sale of Volta at Voyager just eclipsed the previous highest-per-unit-price of [ Os Discos de Ouro da Voyager (em inglês, Voyager Golden Record) são discos fonográficos que estão a bordo de ambas as naves Voyager. Eles contêm sons e imagens selecionados como amostra da diversidade de vida e culturas da Terra e são dirigidos a qualquer forma de vida extraterrestre (ou seres humanos do futuro distante) que os encontrem Voyager Golden Record Cover Explanation.svg 768 × 600; 287 KB Voyager Golden Record fx.png 2,161 × 2,165; 7.93 MB Voyager golden record gold plating.jpg 2,836 × 2,172; 489 K

Voyager 2 was launched from Cape Canaveral on 20 August 1977; Voyager 1 on 5 September. Although neither had any naked images on board, the timing of 1977 was no coincidence Voyager 1 is a space probe that was launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. Part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System, Voyager 1 was launched 16 days after its twin, Voyager 2.Having operated for 43 years, 2 months and 1 day as of November 6, 2020 UTC, the spacecraft still communicates with the Deep Space Network to receive routine commands and to transmit data to Earth You Can Now Listen to the Voyager Golden Record Online. The sounds of Earth, launched into space in the 1970s, now available on Soundcloud. By Andrew Moseman. Jul 28, 2015 NASA. Additionally, his Golden record is visible on the third ascension in the left side of his spacesuit. The name of his 2nd Active Skill Swingby is the term given to gravity-assisted acceleration in orbital mechanics and aerospace engineering. The name of his Noble Phantasm is based on the name of Voyager 1's most famous photograph. Image

Copies of the Golden Record, sent journeying into deep space on the sides of the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes in 1977, carries the sounds and music of Earth as well as a series of images to help. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det Voyager 1 records. 90 likes. Voyager 1 is an ambient music label, based in France, who collects a large number of musical data and information during its scientific space observations, explores new.. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Voyage - Voyage at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Voyage collection The records should be shipped to backers before the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 2 launch in August. Suzy Dodd, project manager of the Voyager mission since 2010, says the Golden Record has.

Wikimedia Common Voyager Golden Records 40 Years Later: Real Audience Was Always Here on Earth. The records also represent humanity's deliberate effort to put artifacts among the stars Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content Voyager Legend headsets are protected against sweat and moisture damage by P2i technology. Get the headset that is reliable, wherever your busy life takes you. Find MyHeadset App for Android Helps Locate Your Headset . Send a tone to hear headset nearby or track last usage on a map using BackTrack™ feature

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